I’m home.

After 9 days of being in the shithole, i got my ass out of there.

If anything, the 9 days i spent inpatient made me worse than before.

And if anything else, they now think i have something else than just depression. I won’t say it here because it’s an impression and not a diagnosis. But i’m definitely peeved because i know i don’t meet the DSM-IV criteria. What, except for 1? (I need 5 to meet the criteria ok!) *pfft*

In the midst of preparing for my colonoscopy. 4L of polyethylene glycol is NO JOKE ok. It’s disgusting and salty. How to chug down 4L of it? * headdesk* I’m not even through with my first litre and i’m ready to raise the white flag. *aargh*

How now brown cow.

Operation silver hair PHAIL. The bleah worked perfectly. Who knew it was the silver dye who’d fail on me? I tried it twice, and it’s still light brown. Bah.


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