I had my colonoscopy done today. It has been one of the most traumatic procedures i’ve ever done to date. Because the preparation is tough, the procedure painful. The polyethylene glycol(PEG) i had to drink tasted terribly foul. And i had to chug 4 freaking litres of it. One of the most difficult things i’ve done, seriously. Thankfully by the 3rd litre, my output was clear, so i was spared from the agony of the 4th litre.

I guess i was being impatient and a litle frazzled, because i was kept waiting for too long, and for too many times today. I had to wait so long just to make payment for my bloodwork. Then the queue number for phlebotomy was so far. I thought i was going to be late for my scope if i insisted for bloods to be taken first. All i wanted to do was to scream at people, but i managed to restrain myself from exploding.

I didn’t think the scope was going to be bad. Afterall, the OGD that i went for was pretty tolerable and painless. But wrong i was. They sedated me with 3mg of midazolam and 50mcg of fentanyl, fentanyl presumably for the pain because i was only given midazolam for my OGD. I was not knocked out like i was for the OGD, and was pretty conscious and awake when they started to scope me. It was painful because it goes up the anus, sigmoid colon, descending colon, transverse colon, ascending colon and then all the way to the terminal ileum. If you could draw an outline of the route, it would almost be a 3 sided square from the pelvis all the way up above the umbilicus. And because they had to distend my colon with air, it was unbearable.

The pain was so widespread and acute. The natural reaction was to yelp in pain. Who wouldn’t? I wasn’t going to try being stoic. It was too painful. Apparently they gave me another 2g of midazolam and 25mcg of fentanyl. The doctor actually told me to “STOP SCREAMING!”. I was appalled. Why would any doctor say that? It’s a fact that it hurts, and not screaming doesn’t make it any less painful for me. She was not feeling the pain- she was the one inflicting it. So who is she to tell me not to scream?

If they wanted me to stay quiet, then sedate me further!!! I felt the scope snaking through my colon, shoved very callously, and distended in a what-i-would-call balloon inflation manner. But i would understand that if they were to give me more, then i will have to be monitored for a longer period and will also be running higher risks. It was mad painful and uncomfortable. I don’t have a low pain treshold. In fact it is quite high. 20 minutes isn’t long, but it damn hell is when it is painful.


I’m still appalled till now at the way i was treated. The lower scope came out fine, and so was the OGD. So what i have here is unexplained drop in Hb. *tsk tsk*

Can i back to my diclofenac now, pretty please?


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