Another reason why I’m being pissy?

A flare again. I had pain management issues a few weeks back. Then it seemed to have mellowed- I attribute it to the extra 2.5mg of MTX finally kicking in.

Then today. Wham!

Brand new joint involvement once more- L5 PIP. 😦 And a few other joints, notably my shoulders and left knee. Well any kind of shoulder pain makes me pissy.

Just glad that I’m seeing the rheumatology registrar tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she can intervene with something. Anything actually, instead of letting me wait till the end of March to see my rheumy. I cannot wait anymore.

At my wits’ end, because I’ve exhausted all options- plain paracetamol, Anarex, tramadol, codeine. Perhaps I’ll have to restart prednisolone and diclofenac to get things under control. I’ll ask about sulfasalazine too.

Need to get my sleep issues resolved. The 75mg of hydroxyzine and Anarex does nothing for me. Even the lorazepam then didn’t help. Developing a great tolerance here. 😦 Surviving on 2-3 hours of shuteye for the past few days, and waking up automatically at 7am everyday.

Madpiss. Everything’s screwed. I can’t wait for things to be back in order.

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