Rheumy <3

Is it me? Or is it that rheumys are generally nice?

I saw the rheumy registrar today. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to see her. I remember her to be a very nice doctor during my brief contact with her when i was inpatient, like my rheumy. And surprise surprise. She is indeed as nice and kind as my rheumy. Am I lucky or what?

I made mental notes about what I needed to tell her. I was only afraid that she wouldn’t have time to listen to my story, seeing that many things have happened since the last time I saw. But she was so gentle and nice, funny as well, and took the time to listen to me.

So we decided to restart diclofenac because of my pain issues, and because of the all-clear from the scopes. I asked about amitriptyline, and she was ok with me going back to the initial dose my rheumy started me on. I asked if I could restart sulfasalazine, because it was quite promising in remitting my RA about 2 years back.

I took a deep breath and plucked up the courage to ask for bilateral intra-articular triamcinolone in my shoulders. Biologics might also be on the way, but I do intend to wait for sulfasalazine to kick in before making a choice.

So the steroids shots, sulfasalazine and the biologics are all kept in view till the rheumy registrar contacts my rheumy for the final decision. In the meantime, I will wait very patiently for the full therapeutic effects of diclofenac to kick in.

I love the rheumy registrar, but I love my rheumy even more!


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