I need sleep

Quetiapine is the latest drug on my list. Yes it is an anti-psychotic. But the dose I am taking is very small- chicken dose, my doctor calls it. 12.5mg ON(as compared to the hundreds of mg for psychosis) seems very promising in knocking me out for the whole night. Let’s hope it does. I need sleep!

After such a big hooha, I am reluctantly back on mirtazapine. I said that I would give it another try. But if it’s gonna make me gain weight again, that’s it. None of it, and blacklisted like prednisolone.

Rheumy says to go back on 10mg of amitriptyline. Psychiatrist says no. Who to listen to? That’s the problem of polypharmacy. *hmm*

3 days straight of follow-up appointments. I feel like my money’s being used up very quickly. *sigh*

Looks like I’ll be taking a break for quite awhile! My doctor doesn’t allow me to go back to work. I know myself too, and I know if I go back anytime soon, I will crash and burn very quickly. Take it slow, girl.

Slow does it.

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