I seem to have more and more of follow-up appointments, and more and more of medications to buy. This is crazy. Utter madness. My money is running out very quickly. And after this month’s pay out, i may be income-less for the rest of the year. That’s a very scary thought. Frightening actually.

It is also very frustrating how my medical records are all over the country. I used to have ALL my medical records in one hospital, which is my family hospital, and also my employer. Now it’s scattered through 3 hospitals and 1 medical centre, and that is why i am guilty of polypharmacy. It creates those dreadful long stories which i have to narrate again and again. And it would also mean that i have to be VERY AWARE of my treatment so that nothing gets missed out, as well as the medications and dosages that i am on.

But i guess i am fortunate. I only have a doctor’s follow-ups in the medical centre, and the rest are all at our family hospital. Soon enough, i’ll have another follow-up in another hospital, and then i’ll get a headache. I’m already holding 4 appointment cards in the hospital, and 1 in the medical centre.

Also very fortunate to have my bloods monitored by one doctor, because it means i don’t have to be poked unnecessarily. But the polypharmacy means that if i do get transaminitis again, all the medications have to stop because we wouldn’t know which drug was the offending one. It used to be so straightforward. Transaminitis? Stop the RA meds, which were the only meds i took. *meh*

Hoping for a transaminitis-free year this year. And hoping that my RA goes into remission this year. It’s really been too long, and i think i deserve to be pain-free.

Saw the social worker which my rheumy referred me to, and i was utterly EMBARRASSED. It’s the second time being told that there will be no grounds to apply a subsidy for my biologics, and i am painfully aware of it. The only reason why i am trying is because my parents are stingy people who don’t realise that our financial situation is too good for any form of assistance. Now that i’ve got turned down twice, they should know better. They better do.


Diclofenac doesn’t seem to be kicking in. Shoulder pain still unrelenting. Didn’t get the call i was supposed to get from rheumy. Now my pain issues are still unresolved. Quetiapine made me so darn sleepy. So at least now the sleep issue is almost resolved. I got Mercilon(which also means there is one more doctor’s expectations to live up to) to re-regulate my haywire periods, and hoping that my skin becomes clear of zits. And the weight. I gotta watch my weight now that i am back on mirtazapine and oral contraceptives.

I’m so free yet so busy. *meh* What the hell.


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