self-talk in progress

<self talk>

It’s okay. You’re doing yourself a favour, and you’re doing a great favour for your patients. You need the time. You need the time to make things right again. You need to be in your best state- physically, mentally and emotionally- to give your patients the best care. You have to remember that when you’re all ready to go back to work, you’ll be awesome. And you know you’ll be awesome because you kicked quite a few arses during a month back at work. You were able to kick arses even though you were not in your best state. You made a difference, and you made an impact even though you were not your in your best state. And that’s why you need the time. Because if you already made a difference then, what more can you do when you are in your best state?

It was the same 8 months back, and it is still the same now. You put so much pressure on yourself to perform and be nothing less than mediocre. You gave your 200%. But you forgot that no one is perfect. You forgot that it is only human to make mistakes. And you forgot to just breathe.

It’s okay girl. Everything’s gonna be just fine. Give it time alright? Because you know you’ll be awesome again once everything’s right, and you can go back to what you do best.

</self talk>


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