Bring it on!

I think i should eat my words. Because after the statement i made yesterday, i woke up today with painful wrists. The topical ketoprofen plasters didn’t help(it did however painfully remove hair from my arm), and neither did the oral diclofenac. *meh*

I was musing today, and the message “Knowledge is Power” kept resounding in my head. I thought back about how i experienced first-hand, the inadequate knowledge displayed by my peers, or even my seniors, as well as my own lack of knowledge. And it is with these experiences that i vow that i’ll never be that ‘stupid’ nurse who doesn’t know ‘anything’.

Pentoxifylline is an antibiotic? Really? Since when? And if you are telling me it is an anti-bacterial, could you tell me which class it belongs to? Penicillins? Macrolides? Aminoglycosides? Cephalosporins? Tetracyclines? Quinolones? Hmm. Just by the name itself, i was pretty sure it was NOT an antibiotic. And the only class of drugs i could relate it to were the methylxanthines, theophylline and aminophylline. But i had my reserves because of the different spelling. So i shut my gap and admitted defeat. And guess what? I was right, and the clinical instructor was wrong. It is a xanthine derivative used in intermittent claudication and peripheral vascular disease. Almost there, but not quite.

A new staff nurse(and by new i really mean day one in the ward) was questioned what Fluimucil was in front of a crowd of staff nurses and assistant nurses, and she had NO idea. I felt so sad for her. Because i was the next to be questioned, and i could tell the senior staff nurse that the generic name is acetylcysteine, and that there were 3 different indications for it- to liquefy secretions, as an antidote to paracetamol overdose, and as a nephroprotective agent in contrast imaging studies. My heart seriously sank as i said all of these, because i was just a nursing student, and she is a registered nurse. I reminded myself again that i’ll never let that happen to me. Okay let me rephrase that. I’ll try my utmost best not to get into such a situation.

I won’t even begin to mock at a certain colleague, because it has been done to death for almost 1.5 years, and even though i still cannot stop laughing at it, i’ll let it rest. I’ll let it rest only on the account that she managed to scrap through the 3 years of nursing school without killing a patient, without a medication error, without failing PRCP and for the fact that she is graduating before me.

And the WORST of it all that has to be the most epic, cutting through the stoma bag. Seriously. Even a non-healthcare professional would have the common sense NOT to cut through BOTH layers of the stoma bag. Need i say more?

Ok. Enough of that. I really shouldn’t be saying such stuff anymore. But c’mon man.



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