Getting there

You know what?

They may all be there already. And even though i’d die to be in their place, i know that my turn will come soon.

I will get there. And i will get there when i am ready. Totally cliched, but slow and steady wins the race. No?

So what if i return to the ward, and my peers are already registered nurses while i am still a nursing student?

I know i will PWN them anytime. Anytime man. Anytime.

And my place in the Director’s List? I’ve already secured a place in, and it doesn’t matter if i wasn’t there to receive it in front of my peers. Why the fuck would i want to dirty my hands shaking that person’s hand? Why the fuck would i even want to see her? She’s toxic, and i don’t need toxic things(not people mind you, she’s just a thing to me) in my life. I still got my certificate anyway. So what matters?


<self talk>

Never forget your awesomeness, girl. You’ll be a great nurse. You just have to believe in yourself and in the good Lord, that everything will be right again. That you will get there one day. And that you’ll get there when you are all ready. Wait and see, girl. Just wait and see.

</self talk>


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