Another shot at SSZ!

In the midst of my drowsiness from an entirely sleepless night post-Oscars, I received a call from guess who? The rheumy registrar!

It’s been a few weeks since I saw her, and I thought she totally forgot about the plan we discussed. I had already forgiven her for not calling because she’s too busy. But she made it a point to call me today, and I was really pleasantly surprised.

My rheumy had given the go-ahead for me to restart sulfasalazine! You know what that means? It means that I have a good chance of a remission this year! Nothing about the intra-articular triamcinolone shots though, but that’s ok, since my shoulders are a little more forgiving these days.

I need to go down to the hospital to fill my prescription, though I swear I have at least 3 bottles of it stashed somewhere. I am assuming I’m back on 3g/day, which is the maximum dose, and also what I was on previously. But I am keen to know how they are prescribing it. I have a feeling it is not 3g though. 😦

Another chance at triple-DMARD therapy, which means another shot at a remission and avoiding exorbitant biologics.


Although I will say again that I am really just waiting for another bout of transaminitis to occur. It’s coming sooner or later. I know it, cos’ 15mg/week is will bust my liver.

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