10 things

  1. 12.5mg of Quetiapine keeps me drowsy for at least 12 hours. It’s the best sedative medication i’ve ever taken, and it’s even better than lorazepam. And when i say drowsy, i mean KO. Sweet.
  2. Medical expenses are rising because there are more doctor visits, and more medications to pay for. It’s sucking me DRY because i’ll be payless after March, and i’ll have to live on my savings till i finish school proper. Great.
  3. I cannot find my old stash of SSZ. If i do, i’ll take 3 grams of it daily, instead of the pathetic 1 gram now.
  4. My shoulders still hurt, and i am dreading coping with it until the end of the month. And i may not even get the relief i need after seeing my rheumy. Sucky to the max not knowing if you can ever get the relief you seek.
  5. I received my Lorus(made by Seiko) nurse fob watch in the mail. Pretty and good! Perfect for a fresh new start back in the wards.
  6. I am still waiting for my Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope to arrive. I ordered it in limited edition brown and copper. I heard it’s much better than the Classic S.E. that i already have, and it can pick up murmurs easily. Also perfect for a fresh new start back in the cardiothoracic ward.
  7. I checked all my unfilled prescriptions which are unlikely to have expired. I have HEAP loads of unfilled HCQ- for 209 days to be exact. Oh gosh i don’t know why but i’ll never finish all my HCQ even though i’ve been totally adherent to it now. Feeling darn insecure without anymore unfilled prednisolone. I have an old stash of 1mg tablets, but it means i have to take 20 tablets if i’m gonna pop 20mg. *meh*
  8. The Black Swan soundtrack is beautiful. But of course nothing will beat the original Swan Lake score by Tchaikovsky.
  9. I am planning a return to ballet class SOON. Dreaming(figuratively) of going back to class, and losing myself in dance, loving every single minute of it.
  10. I’m bored.

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