Alright. The combination of amitriptyline+mirtazapine+quetiapine really knocks me out for a good 12 hours at least. I’ll go without quetiapine tonight, and i’ll see how it goes. Insomnia has turned into hypersomnia, which isn’t too good as well, but definitely a lesser evil than insomnia.

Signs of disease activity are still lingering in my shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers. It’s really been a stretch from the last time i had a good day. The full therapeutic effects of daily diclofenac ought to have kicked in already. But i’m not seeing or feeling any of it. *le sigh*

Anyhow, my Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope came in the mail! Excited much!

Littmann Cardiology III Copper edition with brown tubing! ❤

Lorus(Seiko) nurse’s fob watch! Pretty too!


I’ve been taking my morning medications with my night medications because my night and day has seemingly merged into one. Not good not good.


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