This is definitely a flare, and it is one that seems to be turning chronic. What triggered it? I don’t have the foggiest idea. Not at all.

I actually don’t even remember how it started. Back in January? Or did it start in February? All I can recall is that my shoulders have been hurting like some fuck, alongside with other joints if I’m outta luck. And that I did get some 6 days of respite from the IM triamcinolone. Oh wait a minute, that means this flare started back in early January!

What a bummer.

I’ve been sleeping for hours on end, even without quetiapine. It’s utter madness, if you could see how much I’m sleeping. I guess then that the unusual fatigue and lethargy could be due to the unrelenting flare. What else could it be?

Plain laziness?

Hmm, perhaps perhaps. But bearing in mind the persistent pain in the joints, especially the shoulders where it acutely hurts the most, there is really nothing I’d like to do but sleep. Which was why I felt especially tortured about a month ago when I was totally sleepless, because insomnia doesn’t do the pain any good.

A month of 150mg of diclofenac daily without any therapeutic effects. 300mg of HCQ daily without fail, and 15mg of MTX weekly. Now a gram of sulfasalazine daily. I’ve tried 10mg, even 20mg of prednisolone without much effect.

What is it that I’m doing wrong?


Maybe I need some more time. But damned it’s been a long time, and I’d give anything to be rid of pain.

What a huge pain in the ass. Really.

Sucks to be me (i don’t normally say that, but now I feel compelled to say that because it really does suck to be me).


C’mon codeine. You are my last hope!

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