Desperate times call for desperate measures.

My right sternoclavicular joint is MAD PAINFUL(yes the synovial joint between the collarbone and sternum. i would also like to know why it fucking hurts so much).

My right wrist is ESPECIALLY PAINFUL.

My right 3rd MCP joint is MORE PAINFUL now.

My right knee is on its way to being VERY PAINFUL.

And my shoulders hurt.

And my left elbow is gonna have a contracture at the rate that it is limiting my range of motion.

And my left wrist hurts.

And my hip flexors hurt (ok it may seem irrelevant but over the years i have learnt that my hip flexors can hurt from either overuse- like in ballet- or from RA).

Omg. I really feel like dying, when i even move an inch, i mean. The pain is killing me.


Popping more pain pills than ever now. Just to try to take the pain away, although i know that i will feel the side effects more than the therapeutic effects. C’mon c’mon c’mon. Really desparate here!!!!


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