anemia is back!

I think my anemia is back.

Or should i say, i am almost definitely sure my anemia is back. Because the exertional dyspnea is back!

I did 10 bloody push-ups today, and although it usually is quite effortful, i was very tachycardic after i did a set today. My heart rate went up to 170+. Amazing shit huh. I don’t have to do cardio exercises to increase my heart rate! 😉 But that’s just stupid la, Steph.

Right acetabulum, aka hip socket, is inflamed. *meh* That dose of pred 50mg is still working quite well in my system. So that’s good.

I’ve just registered for ballet class which will start tomorrow. My first ballet class in about 9 months!!! I think i’ve mostly lost my flexibility and strength. But i hope my technique didn’t go down the drain as well. Hoping that the exertional dyspnea and tachycardia won’t be that bad in class tomorrow!


Bloodwork due soon, and seeing rheumy in 2 weeks. I’ll see how my bloodwork comes back then!

Hand tremors getting worse and worse without any propranolol. Disgusting to the max.


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