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Today’s dinner was amazing. And I had the most awesome sandwich I’ve ever had in my life- Tea Croque Monsieur warm toasted sandwich with French gruyere cheese and turkey ham. Together with a pot of Jasmine Queen Tea, two muffins(only because they ran out of their fantabulous scones), and 3 bain de roses flavoured macarons. All at TWG. And it’s only freaking $39 for the whole teatime set(3-6pm)!


After today’s sandwich, I am never eating other sandwiches again. And after today’s dinner, I’ve learnt that it’s probably a better idea to have a fucking good meal, than to have many mediocre meals. And to quote my ballet teacher’s wise words- don’t waste stomach space!

Zolpidem’s not exactly good for maintaining sleep. But it’s terrific for initiating sleep. 6.25mg didn’t do much, so we upped it to 12.5mg. And guess what. When it kicked in, I was rendered discombobulated, to the point where it felt like I was drunk. I was ataxic and losing my balance and floating about. Damn that was scary, but it knocked me out. I did wake up after 3 hours though, and subsequently at the 5th, 6th and 7th hour. What the fuck seriously.

It’s official. I get my flares after seeing my rheumy. My goodness. Pretty sad about it, cos’ it’s a total bummer. It means more pain, more diclofenac, and more prednisolone. Probably a little crankier too, I don’t know.

But but but, my mood has improved tremendously, for no rhyme or reason. It’s almost like a high that lasts the whole day. Madness, but probably better than being melancholic.

And you know what? We are meant to eat to live, and not live to eat. Food’s really evil, and that’s that. Oh and combine that with a little greed, a little impulsiveness and being insatiable, it’s the perfect recipe for becoming FAT.


Whatever. I honestly think that any BMI above 18.5 is repulsive. C’mon, they tell us that it is normal up till 22.5. But I honestly do not know people who are at 22.5, and still look nice in their clothes at the same time. Which is why I wholly believe in the fact that I’m too fat and repulsive. I’m working on it though, really. Sounds superficial, but whatever. The society is superficial, and admittedly I don’t like conformity. But i feel that if I don’t conform, I will turn out to be a freak. A shameless freak who’s gonna be ridiculed endlessly for being anything more than thin(which is fat).


To each his own. Whatever. My mind’s some warped fuck, and you should take my words with a pinch of salt, unless you agree with me.

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