It feels awesome to be in control. Total control in the midst of dizzying chaos. Total control despite helplessness.

It feels awesome not to succumb and yield to weaknesses. They are only temporary, and they will pass, if you let them.

It feels awesome to able to say no. To say no to things you once could hardly resist, you’re stronger now, and no longer the weakling that you were.

It’s awesome to be trying to solve two problems with one pseudo-solution, winning more than losing in the process and feeling more powerful than ever.

Well at least it is what I feel now because no one is bursting my bubble yet. And because my mood has improved tremendously, along with my motivation to be ‘good enough’ once again.

It feels awesome not having to take ferrous fumarate.

Not so awesome though, having to wake up to arthralgia and having to depend on prednisolone to take the pain away.

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