So guilty of polypharmacy, that even my doctor isn’t even amused.

Methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine, sulfasalazine, diclofenac, prednisolone, omeprazole, fluoxetine, Mercilon, quetiapine and zopiclone. And the list is already without amitriptyline, propranolol, mirtazapine, tramadol, Anarex etc, which i used to be taking as well. *pfft*

I don’t know what will make the difference, but because of the polypharmacy and the risk of added interactions and side effects, sodium valproate will be put on hold. For how long i don’t know. Not very pleased too. *aargh* But not excited at all, because of the possible weight gain. It may turn out to be like another mirtazapine. *hmph* No thanks, please.

What a bummer. I am still getting flares every single morning. I wake up to the horrible arthralgia in my shoulders, wrists, fingers, hips and toes. And i groan because damned. It is so fucking annoying! What happened to the low disease activity 2 weeks prior to seeing my rheumy? *aargh* I’m taking 5mg of prednisolone together with 75mg of diclofenac every morning, and it does quite a nice job. Just that if i do not take the other 75mg of diclofenac in the evening, my flares will come by sleep time.


Zolpidem wasn’t working well. So we tried 7.5mg of zopiclone, and damned! It’s a kick-ass sedative, but very short-acting. It’s only be able to maintain my sleep for 5 hours at best, compared to the 3 hours with zolpidem. Not so pleasant is the dysgeusia- bitter and metallic taste on the tongue- that comes with it. Very peculiar indeed. I need something that used to work like the chicken dose of quetiapine.

My mood has been great, just that it fluctuates really badly. I hate it. I hate it when it swings downwards. *meh*

Can’t wait to restart my gym regimen. And can’t wait to go to Hong Kong with kor, meow meow, and her tsunami.

Oh, and it’s been 22 days!



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