Bittersweet Hong Kong

Hong Kong was AMAZING, but it was very bittersweet for me.

It was SWEET because it was just the four of us- 3 of us siblings and Sam’s other half. We siblings have not travelled together for years, and it was just awesome not having any adults with us. So carefree, so liberating. 🙂 We shopped when we wanted, went sightseeing when we wanted, ate when we wanted, and rested when we wanted. I can’t tell you how awesome that is! 😀

But it was bitter because i was overwhelmed with pain. My RA decided to flare to its worst i’ve ever had since my last major flare almost 2 years ago. My hips were in a very terrible condition, and there were periods in which i couldn’t even stand up straight. The stiffness was terrible. The knees hurt posteriorly almost everyday, and so did my shoulders and wrist. It was just horrible. And to make it even worst, the number of ulcers on the hard palate grew to 5. That makes the number of ulcers in my mouth a grand total of 8. Eating was a painful affair, and even drinking my favourite diet coke was an uphill task. I developed a terrible productive cough on my last night there, with disgustingly purulent sputum. Had to cough into my handkerchief because i feared transmitting whatever pathogen i had to the rest of the passengers in the plane. *aargh*

I hope things will get better soon, now that i’m back home. If the RA flare persists, i will insist for an earlier appointment with my rheumy. I will skip my weekly dose of MTX this week to prevent the aggravation of the ulcers, and any possible infection. If it still persists, then i guess it’ll be time to visit the doctor. *aargh*

Photos, shopping haul and raves+rants coming up when i have the time!!!


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