I am guessing that i’ve been hit with pharyngitis.

Last night was horrible. My head hurt like fuck, and so did my mouth ulcers and my throat. The purulent sputum was so thick and stinky. And my joints were flaring big time, namely my shoulders and hips. Not so much of synovitis in my hips these days. More of trochanteric bursitis, and thus it’s shit ass painful and tender. ūüė¶ Sleeping was such a chore.

And so i spammed on medications which i felt would help. So far, i’ve took 4 doses of¬†effervescent acetylcysteine, 3 doses of tramadol, a dose of Anarex, a stat dose of prednisolone 10mg, and 150mg of diclofenac. That plus Oracort(triamcinolone+lidocaine), which i found surprisingly,¬†on my ulcers. The pain medication helped with the URTI symptoms, and the stat dose of pred did the job of quieting down the disease activity.

Funnily, this is my 2nd day of non-adherence to daily medications. Well, i’d say that i conveniently forgot about it. But seriously, i’m too caught up with the symptoms of the URTI and the major flare, to even care about anything else. More angry, if anything, that i should be getting a flare when i’ve been nothing but compliant to my medications. *meh*

I’m hoping this fucking URTI goes away soon. *aargh*

NEVER TAKING PREDNISOLONE AGAIN. Because i am convinced that it is¬†making me FAT FAT FAT. Well, it could be the others though. But now that i’m off the fat-mirtazapine, the only other plausible cause is the quetiapine. I know pred helps immensely with my RA, but at what expense? At the expense of being so fucking fat that everyone has to say something about it? At the expense of having my self-esteem pushed rock-bottom? At the expense of me hating my body right through the bones? I don’t know. 5th year struggling with prednisolone, and i still do not know what’s good for me, and what’s not.


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