I’m drowning in a sea of purulent phlegm. The effervescent acetylcysteine helped initially with liquefying the secretions. But it doesn’t really work now. So all the harmful microorganisms are swimming around and having a merry time in my respiratory tract. Stinky much. Fucking disgusting.

In the meantime, the ulcers on my hard palate are still annoying the hell out of me. Doesn’t help that there is an ‘ulcer-like lesion’ in my nose that hurts. (I don’t even know what precipitated that.) And a nose that alternates with being runny or blocked, blocking my ears at the same time.

Most frustrating part? Not having a fever. (Totally afebrile for 6 going on to 7 years.) Which I can only assume that it is really but a minor infection. I really do not know what this is. But looking at the patterns from past years, it should really be something minor which will go away soon. I hope.


Falling off the adherence wagon again.


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