i wanna quit


I don’t like how things are going.

Everything seemed to be fine. And i thought everything was gonna be fine.

But everytime i try to reassure myself, i am being told otherwise by a voice that gets louder with each day.

“You’re gonna be fine, Steph.”

“Well, maybe not. You’ll see.”

And one day, all i am going to hear is just that same harsh and demeaning voice that i’ve been fighting against for so long.

It takes me so much and so long to dream and hope again. I get excited whenever i get to such a stage and i’d feel immensely motivated. And when that happens, it feels like i can conquer everything and anything in the world. But that fragile and delicate flame that flickers goes out so quickly just like that. Then i am back in the darkness again, fumbling my way around just to find the light again.



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