mighty flares in so many joints with so much fucking pain and tenderness. muscle aches everywhere coupled with fatigue for who-knows-what-reason. take prednisolone and you’ll feel better. but take prednisolone, and you’ll be fatter. what the hell.

starting to get chest pains too, and the odynophagia is getting worse.

and the bloody hospital is fucking UNCONTACTABLE. i cannot get my ultrasound done. nor can i bring forward my rheumy appointment. i’ve tried calling them for 2 days with more than 20 calls made. fucking futile.

withdrawal symptoms appearing from going cold turkey on fluoxetine. fucking appetite is HUGE, but i’m still trying my fucking hardest to curb myself. only short of knocking myself unconscious. don’t wanna fall back into the vicious cycle. just ate a proper dinner WITH rice, and telling myself that it is ok. which is not, i assure you.

tralalalala i’m going fucking mental.


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