i’m going crazy.

after some 2-3 years of puzzlement, i have finally found out the cause of the posterior pain in my knees. they hurt like CRAP very honestly, especially with flexion and extension. yesterday, the pain returned in my right knee and very coincidentally i found out that the pain was more medial than posterior- synovitis at the joint line perhaps. i found that out by elbowing my knee while my legs were crossed on the sofa. excited that i found the root of the pain, i elbowed the painful and tender spot, hoping to ease the pain (though fully knowing it wouldn’t because it’s not muscular in nature).

today, my left knee was afflicted with the very same pain that plagued by right knee yesterday. my right knee felt tender and bruised from the elbowing. my left knee felt supremely painful and tender. the idea that it might have been bursitis popped into my head, bingo. right it is. pes anserinus bursitis. LIKE FINALLY!!!

bilateral pes anserinus bursitis AND bilateral trochanteric bursitis. double whammy. what a bummer. plus synovitis everywhere else, with might muscle aches for who-knows-what reason.

feeling incredibly miserable right now.

and there is nothing i can do, except to pop pred and be fat.

going crazy with the change in appetite brought on by the sudden withdrawal of fluoxetine. feeling incredibly FAT FAT FAT with the amount of food i’ve eaten.

utter madness.


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