good patient VS bad doctor

I’ve had enough of fighting with doctors.

They are smart(seemingly) yes, but what’s the point if they don’t have the heart to go along with it?

Heartless? Maybe. But definitely callous. I won’t condemn all of them, but as a patient(and not as a nurse), I’ve seen a fair share of them who have much more to be desired in terms of humility and humanity.

I don’t care whether they are fucking smart, or fucking experienced. If they don’t even have basic bedside manners, or perhaps even basic respect for their patients, then nothing else counts.

Empty promises aplenty. For goodness sake, don’t make promises when you don’t mean them. Don’t give us hope when there is none. Don’t act like you’re doing everything you can, when you are in fact doing near to nothing. Don’t give us the benefit doubt yet lie to us at the same time. Don’t say anything if you don’t know what to say, because if you do happen to say something, it’ll probably be bullshit. And please, don’t even try to empathize when you clearly don’t know how to. That’s just pure patronizing and condescending.

Fucking sick and tired of trying to fight against them. I’ve tried going along with them, but apparently that doesn’t work as well. My family and I don’t pay money for such bullshit ok.

Throwing in the towel soon then I guess. Being a ‘good patient’ nearly isn’t as useful as having a ‘good doctor’, it seems. Then don’t come asking me why I’ve been such a ‘bad patient’. It’s because you are simply not a ‘good doctor’. Thank you very much, but I’ve wasted a lot of time and money on someone who is clearly not making things better. Worse, actually.

I just wished that they have as much EQ as their IQ.

Disillusionment again?

Hell yeah.

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2 thoughts on “good patient VS bad doctor

  1. thats what you get when you have a generation of doctors who become doctors just because they get good grades.

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