Hiding behind masks

After some 10 days of cooping myself indoors, I finally stepped out today to watch a fashion show with Sam.

Audi Fashion Festival is on right now, and I don’t know how my sister did it, but she managed to convince me to go with her. We watched Antonio Berardi’s A/W collection.

Eye-opening yes. It’s my first time after all. It was slated to start at 7pm. But we waited for 80 minutes before we got seated at 8.20pm. All for a runway show that lasted only 20 minutes, with the designer appearing for a mere 2 seconds.

Wow. What an experience. We spent the time waiting trying to avoid photographers, or avoid being caught in any photos. Oh and we had a complimentary drink too- Rosemount!

Waiting 80 minutes even though we paid for tickets, was just outrageous. And standing in my heels has caused my lower back to be in much pain again. Doesn’t help that I’m having a terrific flare in my left shoulder that renders my left arm almost totally useless.

We have tickets to the closing show for AFF- Ungaro. But now I have to think twice about going. So much trouble- dressing up, putting on makeup, making sure hair is in order, waiting over an hour in heels, avoiding photographers, and trying not to look like a walking disaster- just for that 20 minutes of runway. Nuh-uh. Not worth it.

I’d watch ballet anytime. The fashion world just seems so… Superficial… (Yeah. They judge you by the clothes you wear, the shoes you wear, the bag you carry, and whether you are skinny[anything more than skinny is fat, honestly], pretty, whatever, and everyone is just hiding behind a mask.) If that is not superficial, I don’t know what is.

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