Cruel joke

This has gotta be a cruel joke. And it ain’t even funny. Seriously after 4.5 years, I wish I could be over and done with it. But nope. Apparently not.

I’ve been waiting for the past week or so, to have mighty flares. Just so that I can get the inflammatory markers checked out. I even omitted diclofenac and prednisolone to trigger off those mighty flares. But they were not happening.

So this morning I had my bloodwork done because I’m seeing my rheumy on Wednesday. I didn’t get the mighty flares I was hoping for, though I did have some flares here and there. I’m very sure my ESR will only be in the thirties. 😦

So now that the bloodwork is done, I am getting mighty flares right now. Gonna have problems sleeping with this pain. And I’m pretty sure everything will quieten down by Wednesday afternoon.


Life’s idea of a sick joke on me. Really.

C’mon. Won’t you just quit it already? I’m so fucking sick and tired of all these ‘games’.



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