Best of friends

Looking back, I feel extremely fortunate to have best friends like Fifi, Mela and Marg. I think about the days when we were schooling together. They are such fond memories that I would never give them up for anything else.

I’ve known Fifi and Mela since I was 13, and were ‘havocs’ in the first 2 years together. We’d go out after school with a bunch of others, hanging out in malls or McDonald’s. We’d spend a lot of money taking neoprints, watching movies, having fast food, bowling and what not. I’d get reprimanded by my parents. But the time I spent with them were well worth it. They stuck by me when my classmates turned their backs on me. And of course, I’d take Fifi’s 听写簿 to copy, and we’d laugh when our chinese teacher said my spelling has improved by leaps and bounds. I’d gush to them about my crush, and they’d share theirs too. Mela even accompanied me to stalk my crush! *so embarrassing*

We spent the next 2 years apart in different classes, but we’d have recess together whenever possible because of stupid prefect duty. And when we had our national exams, we studied in each other’s houses, only to watch more tv than study. (Haha that makes me smile till today!) We had sleepovers at both their houses, but never at mine. We’d spend the day and/or night gossiping, watching tv, eating instant food, only to knock out when we were finally tired. We’d wake up pretty late too! Fifi and I were both in the choir and prefectorial board, and both of us had common enemies. Thinking back, it actually is quite funny.

But we are now on different paths. I’d like to meet them more often as my BFFs. But somehow we’re too busy with our current lives. To me, even though we rarely meet, I am just as heartened having them in my heart. When we do meet though, I feel like we are still young and ‘innocent’. We could talk about everything under the sun, and I wouldn’t be afraid that they’d judge me. We understand our personal differences, and we respect each other. Of course we’d tease each other, but they are all in good faith. We would talk about make-up too- eyeliners, mascara and what not. Fifi always had gorgeous eye makeup and flawless skin. Mela had the perfect eyebrows and the perfectly lined eyes. I’d complain that both of them are so darn photogenic, that it was quite the opposite of me. As much as I hated taking photos, I’d join them in taking photos. Because damned, they are so good with taking self-portraits! .Honestly, there is not a day that I don’t think of them, believe it or not.

I haven’t met up with them for quite awhile, and I miss them terribly. 😦 Soon, Steph, soon.

Marg was the first friend I got to know in nursing school. And as each other’s first friend in nursing school, we ended up sticking together throughout the 3 years. We’d sit together in lectures and tutorials. I’d doodle on her notes to irritate her, and sometimes she’d fight back with a vengeance by doodling on mine too! We had our meals together. We’d leave school together. We did almost everything together, except when we had different electives, or when we weren’t in the same project group. We’d study together and I’d test her, much to her annoyance. But I wanted her to do well. We’d get ready for our skills tests together, being each other’s model whenever possible. She accompanied me as much as possible when I had to look for teachers in the staff room. We had our clinicals in the same hospital and ward, but we had opposite shifts, much to our dismay. But it was ok, I guess. I fondly remember her teasing me for being a ‘tweety bird’ because I didn’t gel down my baby hair. And I’d lament that her bun wasn’t neat enough. 🙂 Those were the days!

I knew her right from the start, to be a very kind girl who was very forgiving and understanding. Empathetic too. She never judged me. And she listened to me and my ramblings. I’d bring her out and showed her the ‘real’ world. Shopping, window-shopping, riding the luge and chair lift, watching horror and thriller movies much to her reluctance, and just going to places together. We could spend the whole day together just talking and talking. I got to know of the troubles she had with friendships in her previous school. Somehow our friendship grew stronger and stronger. I wanted her to know that I cared for her as I friend. That I treasure her. That she’ll never feel as terrible as she had before. That if she didn’t have friends who loved her, I would. Because she deserves every bit of love. But looking back, she has done so much for me, much more than anything I could do for her. She was never angry with me, except for that one time in year 3. I’m glad we had that cleared up, because the friendship meant so much to me. I could never let it go just like that. That was how patient she was with me, considering how overbearing and detestable I am.

And now I look at her, now a staff nurse, I am so very proud of her. She’s extraordinary, I tell you. She’s simply amazing. Oh and did I mention? She is the most punctual and conscientious person I know. 🙂

I cannot ask for better BFFs. Really. I hope we get to enjoy many many more years of friendship. And I must say too, that we are all happily single and fancy free. Yay to us!


You girls make my existence in this world so much more bearable.



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