shit happens

As i always like to say, SHIT HAPPENS.

I have been feeling quite okay physically as of late, and even though nothing much has changed, my body is turning its back on me once again. Maybe it’s because i am now taking my daily Arcoxia at night instead of in the morning, but i’ve only done so once. *hmm*

So yes, it’s coming back, and there is nothing i can do but to grit and bear. *sigh*

RA’s synovitis, stiffness, tenderness, and the pain that comes along with it…

Anemia’s exertional dyspnea, orthostasis, dizziness, palpitations and a bounding pulse…

And then there are the side effects of my treatment like the hand tremors and an unsteady gait and the worsening amnesia, which can all be so utterly embarrassing and annoying.


Good things never last, do they?

Maybe things will be better when i wake up in the morning. Hopefully.


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