it’s back

RA symptoms never ever really go away, and it is especially so when I’ve never been in remission. Sometimes I get more preoccupied with other things that require my attention, and the symptoms suddenly become secondary. Like it’s pushed to the back of mind, but it is nevertheless still there.

The symptoms are getting more apparent these days, and I’m a little confuzzled. The pain and swelling is crawling its way back into my joints bit by bit. But I don’t know if it is because I am giving it more attention. It might have been there all along, you see.

It has been rather unrelenting in 3 of my MCP joints, with 2 of them swelling quite a bit. On their way to deformity maybe. 😦

The same ol’ shoulders, wrists and knees are getting it too, and occasionally ankles, TMT and MTP joints, hips etc.


I’ve been very compliant to all my meds- MTX, SSZ, HCQ, and even Arcoxia and Anarex strictly instead of PRN. I wonder why?

Nothing I can do but to grit and bear, whine a little when it becomes excruciating, and continue to refuse prednisolone.


It’s just one of those periods whereby I wish I didn’t have RA symptoms and meds to bother me.


Seeing my rheumy only in mid-Sept. *aargh*


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