This is just great.

After writing a post about RA lamenting about the niggly pains here and there, it’s hit me hard.

It was like good ‘WHAM‘ in my face, and here it goes all over again. Much worse than it already was. Wondering what I should do, and deliberating if I should just take that bloody 5mg of prednisolone.


I guess I have already developed a tolerance for Arcoxia? Anarex as well. The DMARDs are not doing much, save for the MTX. I just wished I could take up to 25mg, which would be optimal. But my liver tends to throw tantrums when taxed too much. SSZ and HCQ are really just sugar pills still.


Already taking as many as 23 pills a day, or 29 pills on MTX day. Don’t know how long my liver can hold out.

Totally do not need RA taunting me now.


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