saying yes to pred

I refused to take Arcoxia today, as well as the doses of Anarex, and will continue to refuse them until my body tells me otherwise.  Before anyone assumes that I am non-compliant or I am pain-free, I have to say that it is none of those at all.

It’s plainly because I am still in pain despite taking these meds, and it’s unnecessary to tax my liver with them. They are not doing anything therapeutic for me, so why not just stop them?

I do foresee though, bad days to come. And if I do have my bad flare days, then perhaps I’ll consider taking the 5mg of prednisolone.

Only because it is a fact that Arcoxia isn’t doing much to decrease the inflammation. And only because it is false that prednisolone will make me gain weight if I take 5mg only when absolutely necessary.


It took 3.5 years after my prednisolone weight gain to actually rationalize very logically with myself that I should not be so afraid of it, instead of the NO that comes everytime prednisolone is suggested for the past 3.5 years.

Progress much?


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