Things have not been the same since I turned 21 for reasons which I will not mention. Although it’s been awhile since I was done and dusted with it, I am still trying to cope with the changes that took place.

There is so much that I want to put down in words. But to my dismay, the eloquence and coherence I once had has declined quite a fair bit. At times, it seems to me that my vocabulary becomes rather limited as well.

It is frightening for me initially, not being able to express myself like how I used to. But it has slowly turned into frustration, which I already have enough of. I wonder if I’ll ever regain whatever that I’ve lost.

There is a record number of entries which have been saved as drafts, and I guess it goes to show much I’m struggling to even produce a decent entry to put up on my blog which will not incur the wrath of those with impeccable grammer and vocabulary.

*sigh, how dismal*

This was meant to be a short post explaining why I have not been posting as much as before, and why some of the recent entries resemble those of the kids in primary school. So I shall stop here for now.


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