What a pain in the neck

Finding myself falling off the medication compliance wagon- missed 3 doses already, and I ought to quickly jump back on.

Major flare in the rarely afflicted first MCP joint of my dominant hand, and the pain is searing. Worst of all, that joint of the thumb is the one that makes the thumb so useful and distinct from the other 4 fingers. Immobilising it would render it useless. Oh well, hoping it’ll quieten down soon. Left knee synovium is brewing up a storm and giving signals that it’ll soon start gnawing at the knee’s anatomy. Sighsies.

Lower back pain is returning with a vengeance too, after a long period of avoiding being on my feet as much as possible. Scar tissue all still there, and erector spinae is protesting already. Mechanical pain in neck not repenting too. Meh.

Sleep cycle screwed. Found myself sleeping at 7.30am and waking up repeatedly from 10.30am till 1.30pm . Almost 4am now and trying to force myself to sleep.



Happy 19th Birthday Sammy Whammy!


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