Swelling in my MCP joints

Metacarpophalangeal(MCP) joints, also known as our knuckles, tend to show signs of disease activity through redness, swelling and very subsequently, deformities. My MCP joints in the past year or two, have joined the other joints in RA involvement. All of them except the MCP in my left pinky finger, which has been affected for some 15 years already.

I happened to have a flare in that joint, which is slowly showing signs of ulnar deviation when inflamed. The 2nd MCP joint coincidentally, is also a wee bit swollen.


I took a picture of it to illustrate what has been happening as of late (for myself mainly). Having no obvious signs of small joint involvement till recently, it is a drastic change. What it means to me, is that there still is progression in the disease, and that remission is far from sight. But at the same time, it is quite insidious, which is something to be happy about.

I’m seeing my rheumy tomorrow, so i’m not going to write at length, or elaborate more for today. I just had my bloods taken today. I don’t know what the results will be like, especially my Hb, ESR and CRP. We’ll see!


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