humans make mistakes

You know how managing expectations are an integral part of staying sane. So that those disappointments are few and far between, that far more frequent are the pleasant surprises which make us oh-so-happy. Sometimes it’s easy to get too caught up with the moment, that we forget to manage our expectations. We learn it the hard way when we get disappointed, with ourselves or others, because it’s a terrible feeling to feel that way.

But it’s different when people can’t manage their expectations of you. I find it all so absurd and silly, because if they fail to manage their expectations of you, it falls on you and not them.


I’ve had enough of such shit. Don’t impose YOUR stupid expectations on me, expect me to rise above it, and then screw me inside out just because i didn’t meet YOUR expectations. Because you know what??? You expect so much more of me than you can ever accomplish. But the sad part of it is that you are so fucking jaded, you think that if you were in my place, you would do ‘so much better’ than i have done.

Oh really??? I would like to see that one day, with you in my position and entire circumstances. I think i’d see you keel over and die at my feet.

We are all humans. We make mistakes all the same. We are inherently weak and needy. And all of us have our vulnerable moments as well. None of us are perfect, and people need to realise that. No one is infallible. Mistakes are inevitable. We can do our utmost to be our best and do our best. But if anything less comes out of it, it’s not because we are a failure. It’s not because we are not good enough. It’s not because we are weak, definitely.


I’m a human. I do my best and give my utmost. But when i make a mistake, don’t condemn me and put me down like i’m nothing. You make mistakes too. There is a better way to do it in which we can all benefit from. I do learn hard from my mistakes if you didn’t know. So why? Why so harsh??? Don’t be so condescending in your words, actions and especially in your thoughts and intents, whether it’s deliberate or not. That’s so unfitting of a human, so disgusting and undeserving of any respect.

The thing is, we can manage our own expectations. But we cannot control, how others manage their expectations of us. Same with how we have no control ever what people say or do. If we can’t change any of these, i guess the way to go is to change the way we react to it.

Call me bitter, call me resentful. But i’ve been on the receiving end of all these ‘expectations-related bullshit’ for many years, especially of late. And i’ve had enough. There is only so much i can take, i draw a line here, and i insist so.

I am human, and i make mistakes. But if you insist to believe otherwise, if you insist to impose your ideals and expectations of me on me, and if you decide to put me down, demean and degrade me with your words/actions/thoughts/intents, you lose all my respect.



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