You know how everything and everyone changes, and all that are left are just memories… Can you imagine what it is like if even those memories are falling through your fingers like sand? How it must be like if such a large part of you were formed with these memories?

It’s like losing yourself and everything that you stand for. For what it’s worth, memories of everything that made you happy, the knowledge you have which became a part of your identity, everything is just leaving you. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.

And what’s left… What’s left are all those bad memories which you try so hard to get rid of.

Amnesia does just that. How does one move forward when the mind has regressed? How does one move forward with the knowledge that those memories may never come back, that new memories may never be formed?

This is utterly atrocious, and if this does not improve, one’s better off dead.


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