a few things…

  • With RA, there are always new things to learn. In the past months, i began to realise the importance of the thumb. It may sound silly, but it is very real. Of the hand, the thumb joint (the carpometacarpal, or CMC joint) is the only one which is saddle joint, making it an opposable joint and allowing us our dexterity. An example is being able to touch the finger pads of our other 4 fingers, with our thumb. Who knew that i would only be appreciative of it when my CMC joints flared more frequently! Yesterday i began to understand and accept that maybe my ability to open bottlecaps is diminishing. I’ve had very superficial abrasions on my palm and fingers, mostly a few lines aligned neatly like wolverine’s slash, and it puzzled me how i got it. Then i finally found out that they were caused by my desperate attempts to open bottlecaps of my diet coke bottles. What seemed to originate in my hands was not. I could not open yet another bottle yesterday because while my fingers could not grip the bottlecap with enough strength, my elbow joint was in great pain. Oh well. Bottlecap openers make it so much easier to open those diet coke bottles, and i’m glad i have that. But what will i do if i’m out??? Happened before, but i’ve no solution for it yet. 😦


  • I saw the psychiatric registrar today, and she managed to prove to me that she was more than what i thought she was. Nothing like the last consultation happened. Instead she was kinder with her words, gentler and more understanding. I thanked her a few times at the end of the consultation because i was grateful. Well if there is mutual respect between healthcare professionals and patients, wouldn’t things be so much more amicable? Glad that i don’t have to fire another doctor for callousness, that there is another doctor whom i can respect.


  • Psychiatric medications are quite pricey for something that has to be taken everyday. I’m not complaining really, after my experience with the very-pricey-and-toxic-drug leflunomide. But it is still something  extra which i have to pay once i start working. I take 300mg of venlafaxine everyday, which works out to be 4 tablets, costing $4.10 each day. I now take 100mg of quetiapine every night for sleep, which works out to be 4 tablets too, costing $4.35 each day. That’s $253.50 for a month supply for depression, without counting in my RA medications. Adding up doctor consultations, medications, therapy and things like bloodwork and ultrasounds… IT DOESN’T BODE WELL FOR THE MEAGRE INCOME OF A REGISTERED NURSE. How now brown cow. Sigh. But i’ll worry about that later.



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