My psychiatrist told me to empathise with him, upon hearing me vehemently objecting to his suggestion of weighing me everytime i see him. Suggestion? More like a demand.

This is my first time hearing a doctor telling his patient to empathise with him, and i guess it really must be out of desperation. But really?

I wish he, or any of my other doctors, could actually see and experience the process of me being weighed. Then perhaps my doctors could empathise with me, and understand why i don’t tolerate weigh-ins well. If only they know how much chaos it creates in my mind, and how quickly it can undo all the progress i’ve made so far during treatment.

I know i’ve been very adamant about weigh-ins, and i’ve pretty much refused all the weigh-ins he has ordered for me the whole of this year. I think i must’ve refused being weighed on at least 15 occasions, giving in only on about 3 occasions, with another 2 with my other medical treatment team. He must be pretty frustrated, and i guess i could put myself in his shoes. And he’s only trying to help. Oh well.

I did give in finally.

But he really has no idea on the repercussions, and i guess he’ll see it for himself soon.



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