*for a stranger

Today, i did what seemed unfathomable in the past.

Perhaps i lacked the courage to approach a stranger and tell her the things i had in mind. Actually, i don’t think i even have the courage to say the things i want to say in person to the people i love and respect. It is definitely out of my comfort zone, and sometimes being too comfortable keeps me from surpassing my personally-set limits.

The paper was inappropriate(it really was a receipt), and my handwriting terribly atrocious(written with the pen from my swiss army knife). I was in fact a little embarrassed that my first endeavour had to happen like this. But oh well.

I could remember the countless of times when i told myself retrospectively “i should have done it“, or ask myself “why didn’t you do it?”,why didn’t you stop and take a little of your time?”, even “you mean all you could do was just stop and stare?”. I told myself today, that i wasn’t going to let it happen again.

So i did. And here goes nothing.

I don’t expect anything out of going out of my way for a stranger. All i really hope is that i made her feel as special as the way she made me feel, just by being the girl who sat across me on the train. And i hope that i made her smile, if there was actually anything that i wanted out of it.

What happened today is my first, and it’ll definitely not be my last. I hope that with time, i will be able to find the courage to do more. But no longer will i ‘stop and stare’, and later wish that i had done something.

What about you?


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