what an unpleasant weekend

What a weekend it’s been.

Spent long hours awake. Saturday night was entirelessly sleepless for me because i didn’t take my night dose of quetiapine. Although time was spent rather meaningfully with reading and what not, it was actually very unpleasant.

Unpleasant because of the pain and stiffness in my joints. Unpleasant because my joints did not agree with me walking about after sitting/lying for long periods. Unpleasant because i wanted so badly to numb myself from the pain by sleeping extensively but couldn’t. Unpleasant because i am awake through these flares and its ups and downs by the hour.

Plentiful of mouth ulcers, even though i’ve not been taking MTX for the past few weeks. GAH.

And i am having an extremely odd bout of urticaria(hives) over my right wrist, although they don’t itch like urticaria should. Running through possible causes, including contact with topical ketoprofen and Coban bandage. It looks really quite peculiar, and i am only hoping it is not some ominous sign. I’m sure it isn’t anyway, and it’ll go away soon.

Trying to find a balance between triggering flares for better treatment to come, and retaining my sanity, the state of my mind, and my wellbeing.

What do i do.


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