i’m a winner

About 3 weeks back, i wrote about setting myself free from the chains and locks of something which left me very traumatised and fearful. 

Just last week, something happened and it gave me hope. It was i guess, the icing on the cake in my closure of it. It came at a timely manner too- i felt like God was testing me with a small series of events since putting up the symbolic blog entry.

Why, but i think the phrase ‘a leopard cannot change its spots’ would be such an apt description.  Here i am thinking that it is innate in people to learn from their mistakes. But how silly i am to think that that is really possible if a person has absolutely no insight. It doesn’t happen, and it will never happen.

While it is none of my business really, i find it so tragic and unfortunate for anyone to be without insight. Well, anyone who has gone through similar experiences would have emerged out of it a better person by learning from mistakes and letting these experiences shape them. And i actually thought that she was no exception. But apparently not. A leopard cannot change its spots, and that’s just that.

I think walking away then, was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made in my life. It gave me so much grief for such a long time yes, but on hindsight? Hell yeah.

What is success if one is hurtful and unkind in doing so?

It is definitely comforting to know that while i didn’t win any gold medals, i am a winner in my own rights. I have triumphed over them in every way, both in life and in nursing. I am just glad that i was never as low as them. Not now, not ever.

My heart feels so much lighter, now that it has been freed of that deadweight which has been holding me down for so long. Amen to that.


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