they’re all related

Thing is, my sleep patterns are very sensitive to the changes in my mood, and it is something that my usual medication doses cannot help with. I’m sleeping significantly less these days. Because of this, fatigue is setting in very quickly. And when my body is not rested, RA protests in the form of flares. Flares can be very exhausting, if they are not curbed, and if i ignore what my body is trying to tell me. Even more so when i have to be at work, and i try to fight back doubly hard by taxing myself too much. So the fatigue worsens, yet i am unable to get enough rest because my sleep is very disrupted. It’s a bloody vicious cycle, and it’s one that i cannot get out of until there is an intervention somewhere, sometime.

100mg of quetiapine is only giving me 3-4 hours of sleep now- terrible. If i don’t take it at all (which is likely cos’ i’m running out of it), i’m completely sleepless. To put it simply, it looks like it’s gonna be a zombie week for me for the coming week.

Oh, and the flares???

*sigh* I don’t know. It’s a cruel joke.


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