The Light

Just 2 days back (27th March), i received my academic transcript and got myself registered. You know what that means.

I am finally a Registered Nurse.

It’s been everything i’d wanted, and it’s been almost 5 years in the making. After fighting tooth and nail all these while, i’m just glad that i am finally state-registered. I couldn’t be more pleased.

3 days back, i had a session with my psychologist. Coincidentally, she asked me about my passion for nursing- the birth of it, and everything it stands for for me. And as i listened to myself speak, i realised how much i’ve grown and how far i’ve come over the years as a nursing student.

It hasn’t been easy, but i’ve arrived by God’s grace, and i feel so blessed.

There is so much that i can give to my patients, and i cannot wait.

Many days back, i was speaking to my pscyhiatrist about registration, and the lamp came into topic as it is the logo for the local nursing board (Florence Nightingale is known as The Lady with the Lamp). He said something about me and the light (i can vaguely remember) and nursing. And then one day after that while looking through my bible, i came across this short and simple verse. I take heart in it:


“You are the light of the world.”

Matthew 5:14


p.s. adding a new category since i’m no longer a student, Life As A Nurse.


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