a quick one

A really quick update about the past week.

Done with corporate orientation. Started on nursing foundation program. 3 more days of lecture this week, and then we embark on extended nursing foundations- i’ll be in my ward starting Thursday, going back to basics all over again.

Saw my psychologist on Tuesday. Dr P suggested using my passion as a shield against the arrows that came my way, instead of letting them get to me. Didn’t think of that, but it was a good idea! We did some EMDR too, on a specific memory from secondary school. It worked out better than previous EMDR attempts, which surprised both of us.

Saw the higher-ups from school last Thursday. It turned out better than expected. They listened to what i had to say, and why the ‘breach of confidentiality’ incident was so distressing to me. It was inevitable for me to reopen old wounds and talk about Worldskills. The director of nursing needed to know what the assistant director covered up. She was shocked, the least to say, that some things happened the way it did. Shared with them too, how the school became such a huge trigger to me in the end. They must know what their charges have been up to. I’m just glad i did well for PRCP, or else they really wouldn’t give a damn about what i said. They told me they’re going to relook and rework the processes so that what happened to me wouldn’t happen again. I hold them to their word. I didn’t get the apology that i originally wanted. But honestly, i walked out of the meeting room feeling free and liberated. The huge arrow that came my way proved to be pretty harmless.

Well change is possible afterall!

My sister, who studies fashion design, had her graduation fashion show on Thursday. As i looked at her models strutting the dresses that she made, i beamed with pride. The dresses were so well designed and made! So proud of my little sister!!!

Attended an orientation at HPB on Saturday- i’d signed up to be a Health Ambassador a few weeks back. It’s the first of the many, and i hope that i’ll be able to be more and do more in the community. In the meantime, i have many dreams for rheumatology nursing, and in mental health. Not for myself, but for my patients. Hoping to be able to put them into action. I need to get started, and be on my way now!!! 

I think i need to find myself a mentor to help guide me. But how?

RA is putting things in perspective for me again, and i just need some time.

Work as a registered nurse is starting proper soon, and i’m scared. 😦

That’s a pretty long post for a quick one eh?


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