pill burden

I managed to see my rheumy yesterday, despite worries that i might not be able to make it to see her.

While it’s not a good sign, i am glad my CRP is elevated at 12.5. It helps tremendously especially when i don’t show clinical signs of synovitis, despite frequent bouts of bursitis. Using that as a clinical indicator, i pleaded with her for better disease control. Lamenting that hydroxychloroquine is like a sugar pill, i managed to convince her to take me off it, and put me back on sulfasalazine again. (Score!)

After telling her too that celecoxib isn’t working well, she switched me over to meloxicam(Mobic), and gave me another muscle relaxant, which is eperisone.
My shrink also added pregabalin(Lyrica), which can possibly help with the pain, anxiety and with sleeping. He’s considering switching to duloxetine(Cymbalta) as well, as it has anti-depressant and pain-relieving properties.

I hope all these changes to my medication regimen actually does something for me. *crosses fingers*

But all in all, she tells me that she doesn’t want to add further to my pill burden and polypharmacy, which really isn’t good at all. I told that to my psychiatrist, and he agrees too.

How else though?

The count is now at 13 medications in total, that even i cannot remember them all with its dosages. *aargh*


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