said yes to pred

i should be so utterly desperate, that i was able to say yes to pred.

i was at my wits’ end, having flares every single day despite the medications i take. i take meloxicam, Anarex(paracetamol+orphenadrine), eperisone, tramadol, duloxetine(Cymbalta) and pregabalin(Lyrica). and i slap on ketoprofen plasters over my joints. but all of these were in vain.

so i told my psychiatrist to call my rheumy to see what she recommends for prednisolone. she says 5mg for 2 weeks, so i’ve been on it for a few days.

but it seems like the anti-inflammatory effects of my medictions doesn’t reach my shoulders and left greater trochanteric bursa.


i’m still at my wits’ end, and sick and tired of the chronic pain.

after edit: i pleaded my psychiatrist to up both Cymbalta and Lyrica, and he acceded to my request. how delighted i was. and since i’m now home, i took a short burst of 20mg of prednisolone in a bid to quell the inflammation that just wouldn’t go away. still flaring though.


2 thoughts on “said yes to pred

  1. I am so impressed by your humour, honesty, eloquence and exhaustion ! I have Crohns and Diabetes Type 2, Migraine and Emphysema and love how ‘real’ you are, I try and sometimes can ‘think positive’ but you seem to speak from my heart as well as your own. THANK YOU !!

  2. Hi Diana

    Thank you for your kind words! I imagine it must be really hard for you, having multiple chronic conditions. I use this blog as a platform to ventilate, although i do struggle a lot to put my thoughts into words. Do you have a blog too? Anyhow, all the best to you!


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