RA delusion

Almost 20 days ago, i had a steroid shot- and intra-articular triamcinolone injection- into my knee when i saw my rheumy. We talked about better control of my RA, and she agreed to up my sulfasalazine to 3g a day, and 17.5mg of methotrexate. How delighted i was, after seeing my rheumy. Maybe this would be put me into remission, or reduce my disease activity!

But who am i kidding really?

Believing in a remission is a complete delusion in and by itself.

While my knee has been fantastic since the injection, and my disease activity relatively quiet as well, it was a huge whammy for me when my knee started flaring yesterday, along with all my other joints. It’s only been 2 weeks or so, and it has gone KAPUT. Nothing.

I was so utterly disappointed with myself and with my RA, that i let it get to me. I deserve all of these, i told myself.

Now, i guess i could continue to grit and bear, like i’ve been doing so my whole damned life.

What’s new.


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