what is it

i could ask God “why?” a million times, and the answer would still be the same.

God will never give me more than i can handle.

but yet, it is still something that i cannot comprehend.

God wanted me to be a nurse, but He didn’t tell me how hard it’d take for me to be one.

yes it took me an extra year to complete nursing school, but i got there anyhow.

now almost a year into actual nursing, i am told that i cannot.

“no clinical work” for me, it seems.

“too stressful”, even if i was doing very well, and even if i loved what i do.

then what? what is it, God? what is it that you want me to do?

why are You taking away from me what i love most?

i know You have Your reasons, but i don’t think i can handle it anymore.

there is only so much i can humanly take.

and i’m not sure i could carry on any longer like that.


3 thoughts on “what is it

  1. You have said that if your doing this blog helped only one person then you suceeded, well you have helped me to the point of recommending you to others and singing your praises about your eloquence, ability to have insight/s into so many things that I am struggling with, in pain about and indignant feelings that are exactly expressed and your love for others incl. your patients, how about giving some love of that quality to yourself……….please?

  2. Thank you for your lovely words, my dear. You have no idea how much they mean to me. I’m trying everyday, and i hope there’ll come a day when i am able to give that bit of love to myself. Do you have a blog yourself? Do you mind sharing it with me?

    • I dont have a bog myself but others have asked me to also, if I could be half as influential and tuned in as you are, maybe I should !

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