why is it ok for you to hurt me?
why do you not know that you’re hurting me?
why do you deny it/change your words afterwards?
why do you not have the courage to admit it?
why do you keep hurting me again and again?
why do you not realise that what happened are facts?
why do you think i’m making things up?
why did you not care then?
why did you think it’s ok to neglect me?
why do you start caring only now?
why do you only care when i want to go?
why do you think you have the right to?
why then do you still keep hurting me?
why don’t you see it, and refuse to see it?
why can’t you just leave me alone?

i hate you, but i love you.
i can’t bear to hurt you.
but i’m dying on the inside.
because when i don’t hurt you,
it hurts me even more. 
and by protecting you,
it’s killing me slowly.
i’m trying really hard,
but i know you don’t think i am.

why can’t you see all of these?


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